Marina dei Cesari accommodates 420 boats from 7 to 40 metres in length with a constant depth of 3 metres. Two main quays are available for anchorage, and both are linked to 15 floating wharves. The fuelling pontoon for the sailing boats is at the entrance of the dock.

The port installations also include the network of sewers for bilge waters and used oils, power lines, external illumination, water supply, fire hazard systems and closed circuit TV surveillance system. Other facilities include supply of water, electricity, wifi.
The control tower at the head of the central quay accommodates the reception and administrative offices as well as the area controlling the overall activities of the marina.

The area dedicated to activities ashore is of around 40 thousand square metres and includes car parks for 500 vehicles, 140 storage boxes, bar, restaurant, four separate blocks of hygienic services and storage buildings.

Marina dei Cesari guarantees all the necessary services including any technical interventions that may be required on bodies, engines, electronics, sailing equipment, onboard installations, etc. An articulated system of haulage and launching equipment (slipways, a 75 tons Travel Lifts, self-moving cranes, etc.) allow to easily and safely move the boats of up to 10 metres in width and 35 metres in length.

Marina dei Cesari has gained the prestigious reward “Blue Flag” starting from 2008. The Blue Flag, is achieved only by those marinas which have notably committed to the environmental policy, willing to respect the local environment and nature.

There are services for boats?

Fano is one of the most famous in Italy for the construction of yachts and are available all services.

Can you suggest some hotels near the Marina?

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overview of services and information


  • General boat repairs & bottom painting
  • 75 ton. Travel lift
  • Launching & Recovery
  • Quality built stands and props for secure support of boats
  • Storage
  • Boat Cover with cellophane shrink


43°51′,30 N  13°00′,97 E

Radio :

VHF 08 Channel

Fano harbour is located at the water flowed out of the Canale Albani and it is protected by two moles (SE and NW). Internally is set up by the Canale Albani, the west basin (Darsena Pipeta), the east basin (Darsena Giurgin), the new basin and another basin situated on the north of  the previous one, where the Marina dei Cesari is located.

Access Time: continue

Access: All the units heading in the harbour have to contact the Marina office at least 30 minutes before the arrival, through the 08 channel VHF radio or Tel. 0039 0721 800 279. They even have to communicate the preview arriving hour,  kind of boat, name and nationality of the boat, last harbour and draught.

All the units coming out of the Marina have the precedence on the incoming boats, which will have to attend in the basin of evolution. It is possible to enter in the Marina through the only entrance located on the north basin. The route is always facilitated during the day as in the night, looking at the lighthouse situated in direction of the entrance 350 m on the south, on the  same quay of the canal (central basin root).

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