Le Marche is located about halfway down the boot of Italy on the eastern coast of the country. It lies between the foothills of the lofty Apennine Mountains and the serene waters of the Adriatic Sea that lap at the region’s beautiful shoreline.

The region boasts historic hilltop towns, wonderful gastronomy, world-famous wines and a wealth of art and architectural treasures. Its luxurious country villas set in rolling picture-perfect landscapes add immeasurably to the region’s many charms.

Most of all, Le Marche’s warm and truly hospitable people mark it as one of the most desirable travel destinations in Italy and indeed, in the entire world!

This is no exaggeration. Just ask anyone who has had the good fortune to visit Le Marche and to savour all that this littleknown but perfect gem of a travel destination has to offer to any true connoisseur of ‘La dolce vita‘.


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Eno-gastronomic itineraries



The towns of Fano, Torrette and Marotta, along a twenty miles stretch of coastline, hold the gastronomic secrets of fish cuisine which have been developed over time into a rich art. Brodetti alla marinara (a variety of different fishes soup cooked), tender frutti di mare (in particular vongole (sea clams) and mitili (mussels) but also lumachine (sea snails) and ‘garagoi’), seppie (squid), merluzzi (hake), sgombri (mackerel), sogliole (Adriatic sole), cannocchie (razor clams) and ‘trufelli’, fish which is pan-fried, grilled, or roasted in paper, in pastry or even in crusted salted – there are so many fish specialities available, all served with that gentle but decisive local wine.


Around the province of Pesaro and Urbino you can find the following particular DOC classified wines: “Bianchello del Metauro”, “Colli Pesaresi Rosso” (including the DOC “Focara” wine), “Colli Pesaresi Bianco” (including the DOC “Roncaglia” wine) and “Novello dei Colli Pesaresi”.
Wine production throughout the whole region has brought an increasing recognition of the quality and potential of Marche wine. Today, the region is able to offer competitive wines at international level whose genuine quality satisfies even the most demanding and refined palates.


A visit to Fano can offer not only the finest quality fish but also to taste some of the finest country gastronomy. Among the many specialities are a number of cheeses, of which the finest is without doubt the famous golden Formaggio di Fossa, matured in underground caves of tufa stone.
It is to be found in the north of the province at Talamello, in the Val Marecchia, but also a few kilometres away from Fano in the village of Cartoceto.

The famous tufa stone “caves” are covered with a bed of straw, closed with wooden lids and sealed with gesso. The cheese is left to season there in the darkness for months, wrapped in sacks of hemp. By the time it once again sees the light of day and is taken out of the caves in a ritual which is well worth experiencing, it has been transformed into a magnificent culinary delicacy used in a variety of dishes from soups to dessert.


Travel a few kilometres along the via Flaminia from Fano and you will reach Acqualagna, capital of the truffle (along with Sant’Angelo in Vado and Sant’Agata Feltria).

The truffle, with its magic (and some say even aphrodisiac) aroma, is one of the world’s great culinary ingredients and the finest gourmets are prepared to go to any lengths to enjoy its exquisite taste.

All nine varieties of edible truffle can be found in our province so that throughout the year it is possible to find this rare specialty.

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