Fano harbour is located at the water flowed out of the Canale Albani and it is protected by two moles (SE and NW).
Internally is set up by the Canale Albani, the west basin (Darsena Pipeta), the east basin (Darsena Giurgin), the new basin and another basin situated on the north of the previous one, where the Marina dei Cesari is.

Access Time

ACCESS TIME: continue

All the units heading in the harbour have to contact the Marina office at least 30 minutes before the arrival, through the 08 channel VHF radio or Tel. 0039 0721 800 279. They even have to communicate the preview arriving hour, kind of boat, name and nationality of the boat, last harbour and draught.
All the units coming out of the Marina have the precedence on the incoming boats, which will have to attend in the basin of evolution. It is possible to enter in the Marina through the only entrance located on the north basin. The route is always facilitated during the day as in the night, looking at the lighthouse situated in direction of the entrance 350 m on the south, on the same quay of the canal (central basin root).


3966 (E 2362) – LtHo Fl. 5s21m15M; located350 mon the south of the canal entrance;

3967 (E 2364) – SE  Breakwater: Fl.R 3s9m8MHornMo(G) 48s

3968 (E 2366) – NW Breakwater: Fl.G 3s8m8M

3969 (E 2368) – Mole within the harbour: F. GR (vert) 8m3M

3972 – Mussel Bed: (outside the harbour) Buoy Fl.Y 3s5M.


Sea ground



Vhf 08 channel


Summer 1st and 2nd quadrant; Winter 3rd and 4th quadrant.

On shore wind

North wind and northeast wind, 1st quadrant in Summer

43°51′,30 N  13°00′,97 E

Coordinate GPS - Porto Turistico di Fano

Our Goal: maintain a maximum value of your boat.

Single point of reference for any nautical service

Marina dei Cesari Service origins from a highly qualified synergy to handle ordinary and extraordinary maintenance tasks meeting the highest quality standards. Marina dei Cesari coordinates all services requested, offering a single point of contact for the solution of any problem.
This policy gives Customers confidence and easiness in the solution of problems, optimizing efficiency and value of crafts.
The dry docks, which can handle up to 75-tons, provide platforms for underbody maintenance, hull repairs, shaft repairs, and modifications.

General Services

  • Engine maintanance, electric, idraulic and sailing repairs
  • Travel lift 75t
  • Launching and hauling out slipway
  • Stop bands of the boat
  • Storage
  • Boat cover with cellophane shrink



Other Useful Information

  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Fueling
  • Toilets and showers
  • Fire extinguishing system
  • Weather monitoring
  • Engine repairs
  • Electrical repairs

Some Specifications

420 berths
500 parking spaces
40m. maximum LOA
75 ton. travel lift