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Date 7 August 2012

Marina dei Cesari accommodates 420 boats from 7 to 40 metres in length with a constant depth of 3 metres. Two main quays are available for anchorage, and both are linked to 15 floating wharves. The fuelling pontoon for the sailing boats is at the entrance of the dock.

The port installations also include the network of sewers for bilge waters and used oils, power lines, external illumination, water supply, fire hazard systems and closed circuit TV surveillance system. Other facilities include supply of water, electricity, wifi.

The control tower at the head of the central quay accommodates the reception and administrative offices as well as the area controlling the overall activities of the marina.

The area dedicated to activities ashore is of around 40 thousand square metres and includes car parks for 500 vehicles, 140 storage boxes, bar, restaurant, four separate blocks of hygienic services and storage buildings.

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