The Network

Date 24 April 2015


Marina dei Cesari has recently joined MPN Marinas, the new Italian Marina Network offering high-end service standards to all customers and providing them with great deals to berth their vessels in other MPN branded marinas.

MPN Marinas represents an integrated and ever-expanding marina network, which is meant to cover the whole italian coastline thanks to its selection of premium facilities. As a result of MPN membership, Marina dei Cesari customers will enjoy a large number of sailing trip options all along the italian boot, at a very reasonable price.

In particular, MPN partnership allows yachtsmen who submitted a berthing contract with us to benefit from a wide range of services and discounts in other MPN branded marinas, such as Marina di Santa Marinella (Rome), Marinara (Ravenna), Marina Sveva (Molise), Capo d’Orlando Marina (Sicily) and Porto di Cecina (Tuscany).

Our customers will enjoy the opportunity to get involved in the most exclusive events and to visit charming destinations featuring natural wonders and cultural sites, through a single contact point.

MPN Marinas ensures you get the best experience from the amazing destinations stretching beyond the Marina thanks to a wide range of agreements with the best local operators!

Looking for a restaurant, a theatre ticket or a private transfer?

MPN Marinas: One Network, many benefits


A system providing peace of mind. MPN customers are sure to be guaranteed constant and professional services in all of chosen destinations. MP Network staff helps yachtsmen to choose the most suitable berthing solution matching their own needs, providing continual up-dates about the benefits and the opportunity to transfer among Network marinas.

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