Berth holders talk about us

Date 28 July 2015

Let’s give the floor to our customers!

Marina dei Cesari staff is fully committed to make the experience of yachtsmen berthing with us both memorable and satisfying in every aspect.

Berthing at Marina dei Cesari means not only to moor your boat in a safe and sheltered environment, offering all the typical comforts of a modern Marina Resort, but  also to experience an elegant ambience, where you can enjoy unforgettable holidays thanks to the amenities of the historic city and the events offered by a year-round tourist destination.

These are the words of our permanent berth holders as well as of visitor yachtsmen choosing to stop at Marina dei Cesari during their cruising itinerary to discover Fano beaches and its backcountry.

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Now it’s time to let you speak for us! Actually, we think that the best way to describe our marina is through the words of berth holders. Below there are some of the opinions you have kindly left us…


Ferrara, Italy

“We had a little ship damage so we stopped in Pesaro to fix our Mako II (a Passatore, a small boat with a great soul: but we decided to reach Marina dei Cesari because we know it is a very well organized marina facility. Clean restrooms, smiling and helpful staff, nice bar, and bikes available for rent (for free) for customers in order to explore the small, lovely town center… What more could you desire?”



Bordeaux, France

“I arrived in Fano from Bordeaux in 1998 for business reasons and I have never moved. Together with my wife, French like me, I fell in love with Fano thanks to its peace of mind, its historical heritage (visible both in town and in the surrounding area), and the great food. As a sailing enthusiast, I was one of the first customers of Marina dei Cesari, where I come almost every day to enjoy my boat.

This is a beautiful harbor, but still not very well known and this is the reason why there are many free moorings. Definitely it is a safe, comfortable and cozy marina. The staff is friendly and speaks English. It would be nice if there were shops to attract people, but it’s okay because actually this calm is awesome. I’ve been living in Fano for 15 years and I can only be happy here. Fano is a lively city offering many recreational opportunities for both young people and families.”



Rotterdam, Netherlands

“When we arrived with our yacht at Marina dei Cesari, we received a warm welcome and, since then, the staff has always helped us in a very friendly and professional way. The Marina itself offers proper shelter and has all the amenities we like.

Fano is a beautiful city with a long history. The center of the lively city has many old buildings and it is for a big part still protected by the Roman walls. It is a very nice area for shopping, having a drink on a terrace, enjoying a good dinner (with local wines), enjoying the theatre or just strolling around and breathing some of the old atmosphere!”



Reggio Emilia, Italy

“I feel so good here at Marina dei Cesari that, even though I could move my boat wherever I want very easily, my wife and I always prefer to berth here. It is a cozy and safe harbor, with friendly staff always available to provide assistance for every need. In addition, I find it very pleasant to sleep on board here and the beautiful surrounding area is absolutely to be explored!”



Milan, Italy

“Excellent harbor, managed with cordiality and professionalism. Plus there’s the old Fano, 5 minutes away, to be discovered. Very good restaurants at honest prices. The shipyard provides a top quality service!” 



Fermo, Italy

“In behalf of the A.S.D. “Liberi nel vento” I would like to thank all the organization of Marina dei Cesari for demonstrating its solidarity to our mission of breaking down all the barriers preventing young disabled sailors from practising this wonderful sport. In particular, I thank the Director, who contributed to the renovation of our infrastructural facilities through the donation of a floating dock and of some fingers facilitating wheelchair access to the boat, as well as the mooring of the vessel.”



Fano (PU), Italia

“I wish to express my satisfaction with the availability and courtesy shown by the staff of Marina dei Cesari and in particular by the Director and the mooring crew Roby, Lillo and Goofy, who have worked hard to solve a mechanic problem in my car, although not within their competence. I really appreciated their extreme kindness and professionalism.”


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For us, transparency in relationships is essential: the opinion of our boaters is crucial in order to guarantee a service always up to expectations!