MIT and UCINA launch campaign “Bollino Blu”

From summer 2013, boat inspections will commence designed to eliminate unnecessary duplicate controls 

Fiumicino, Wednesday 24th April, 2013 – Recreational boat inspections to be made at sea have been designed with the intent of reducing the risk of repeat inspections and to increase safety levels, particularly during the holiday period. With the 2013 summer season on our doorstep, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport – in collaboration with the Port Authorities, the Financial Police, the State Police, the Carabinieri and UCINA – the Confederation of Italian Nautical Industries – has initiated a strategy of simplification and coordination for routine inspections of boat safety: an objective that will be realised through the initiative “Bollino Blu”.

The aim of the project is to render surveillance at sea more efficient, increasing safety and avoiding duplicate inspections. Recreational boats can also be subject to inspections whilst docked for controlling on-board documentation, safety equipment and up-to-date payment of ownership tax. Once an inspection is complete, with a positive outcome, a certificate will be administered together with an adhesive, i.e. the so-called “Bollino Blu”, which must be visibly displayed on the boat. Indeed, for the year in course and by means of a code matched ad hoc to the vessel, the Bollino Blu will certify that the recreational boat in question regularly abides to safety regulations, in such a way that analogous inspections can be avoided.

Next year, the telematic archive of pleasure boats will become functional, which will resolve, even more efficiently, the problem of duplicate inspections.

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