Marina dei Cesari has introduced new and advantageous contractual solutions to expand the range of opportunities for boaters who choose the leisure harbour of Fano.

The medium and long-term options allow obtaining significant savings over the corresponding annual fees.

The Commercial Office of Marina dei Cesari is always on hand to provide details about the new proposals and give assistance to find the best solution for every boat owner!

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Come to Marina dei Cesari for two years and save your money: it costs less and less every year! Contact us to for more information.

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Extend your stay in Marina dei Cesari and increase the convenience!

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Formula based on the long run (10 to 30 years), which provides an initial evaluation period of three years, with annual payment’s as if it was a rent. At the end of the third year it will be possible to exercise the purchase option, with recognition of the annual amounts already paid, or the withdrawal option without penalty. This formula allows you to get a big discount on the full berth rate.

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Marina dei Cesari reserves for all customers who choose any of the new contract solutions, the opportunity to access a bank loan (monthly or quarterly instalments), thanks to an agreement with Carifano bank.


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