Crossing the Adriatic Sea on a kayak


Marina dei Cesari just hosted two nice and brave Hungarians who crossed, paddling for three and a half days, the Adriatic Sea from Isola (Slovenia) to Fano (about 200 miles) on their peculiar kayak.

Norbert and Leventa (these are the names of the two 27-year old guys from Budapest) are training to cross the Atlantic ocean and, after the first test carried out last year in Spain, they have just faced the Adriatic aboard the kayak “Kele”, which in Hungarian means stork. This bird is widespread in Hungary and it is also the mascot of the country.

The boat, in fiberglass and carbon fiber, was built according to their specific directives and it is seven meters long, 2 of which occupied by the cabin. The latter is 1 meter wide in its widest section, just enough to sleep side by side, but only when they are in the harbor. During the long crossing of the Adriatic, in fact, they can only sleep in turns, while the other continues to paddle.

percorso Isola-Fano

The boat’s stability is ensured by the pull-out bulb (draught: m.1,8), while the electrical part is powered by photovoltaic panels that capture and transform the solar light in order to illuminate the kayak at night.

They have to use only their arms to move their boat on the water. Even if it looks little, the hull alone weights more than 661 pounds, which become 1.322 with the two guys on board, together with freeze-dried food and water!

Paddling in turns or double leg, they managed to travel at about 3 km/h and last Tuesday (July 14th), late in the morning they started their trip back to the starting point, Isola, near Trieste. To follow the adventure of Norbert and Leventa, the stories and photos of their close encounters with giant turtles, dolphins and….tankers, visit their Facebook page FarFarAway.


Finally, we would like to wish “fair winds” (and calm seas!) to Kele and the boys!


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